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Burglar Blaster Decintegrator

Large area or remote location, the Burglar Blaster Decintegrator ensures your belongings stay there even while you’re not.

The Burglar Blaster Decintegrator Anti Burglar Device is similar in design to the Burglar Blaster, but has a larger OC aerosol capacity and greater application flexibility. In simultaneous mode, the Burglar Blaster Decintegrator is set to fire four 6 oz. cans of OC pepper spray at one time, effectively covering up to 1.6 times the area of the Repsular I. In sequential mode, the Burglar Blaster Decintegrator fires one can and automatically resets to fire the next at the next intrusion, whether hours or months later. This unit is ideal for vacation homes and other isolated buildings.


Warning: Not for use in aircraft or automobiles.

Burglar Blaster Decintegrator Features:

  • 8 1/4″ x 8 1/4″ square x 1 1/4″ into room x 7 1/2″ into ceiling
  • Compatible with most 12 volt DC alarm systems.
  • 0 – 40 second time delay with built-in warning tone.
  • Full Functioning testing capatibility.
  • Can be reloaded in seconds without tools.
  • Inconspicuous ceiling mounting.
  • Terminal block for convenient wiring.
  • Cast aluminum housing.
  • Includes: four large capacity 6 oz. OC (pepper) aerosol cans.
  • Built-in electronic memory – remembers which can has fired last and which can is next.
  • Protects up to 4,000 sq. ft. of indoor space.

Burglar Blaster Decintegrator Package contents:

(1) Burglar Blaster Decintegrator
(4) 6 oz. OC pepper spray aerosol can
(4) Ballast weight
(4) Mounting screws
(2) Weather resistant warning decals
(1) Set of instructions